Friday, November 28, 2008

Sex, Purity and Twin Souls

I could talk and write for days about the science of what takes place when two people merge their bodies. A blog entry might not leave enough room to get to the real depth of the urgency and importance of keeping yourself and your union clean at any cost and at all times.

Sleeping around "while you're waiting" for the one only causes your loved one to stay away even longer. The energy of the people you're sleeping with "while you're waiting" is holding your beloved at bay. You may wonder how s/he can even know if you're not with them. Trust me, not everything you see is what it seems to be. In fact, everything you can see with your eyes in an illusion. This is a world of duality, there are "two lights" that seemingly create what we see with our human eyes. That's why we're told to open our inner eyes and inner ears. It's with those eyes and ears that we can see and hear the truth, not our truth, but THE truth. There is a piece of your soul that just "knows" intuitively. Your Twin Soul is not geared by what they see or feel, they just know... Just like you know that s/he is the one for you or not. You can't explain it, you just know. It's this knowing that is Universal knowledge, you can't fight it, or change it for that matter. Trust in it. You want him or her to come to you and wonder how come he hasn't arrived yet? In this post is your answer...

We were told (mainly through religious organizations) that it is "wrong" to have sex before marriage and we somehow are meant to believe that we're sluts and hores (if you're a woman) if you have sex before you're getting married, and you're a stud (the more you have sex) if you're a guy. The picture is twisted, misunderstood and only a handfull seem to truly understand what takes place when two people merge their bodies.

First, remember that humans are amongst the only species that have sex beyond the reason for multiplication. Most other species mate for the sole purpose of keeping the species alive. Keep this in mind.

So why do humans want to make love when they are in love with a person?

Plainly put, making love with another person while using our bodies is the highest form of expressing how much we want to literally become ONE with that person. The real reason for our wanting to merge is to "go home" to eternity, even if only for a moment in time. It's this "small moment in time" of utter and complete union in true and unconditional love that raises the vibration of the entire human race, provided the union is just that: pure, holy and sacred.

Unfortunately most people don't even know about this type of power yet between two people, let alone experience it in this life time, thus they use sex as a form of stress relief rather than what it was really meant to be.

The opposite is true as well. Two people who merge merely as a form of lust, stress release or even with malice in their hearts, achieve the exact opposite. The same goes if you're just "doing it" because it's become a habit. Not only are you feeling disgust, filth and dirt all over your soul, but the vibration of the entire human race gets reduced just a fraction.

You may say "that's a bunch of bull shit." And that's probably right for you, however, having read this your life will most likely never be the same. Somehow you were led to read this, your soul must have longed to hear it once again. There is nothing new here, it's all been inside of you for the awakening...

The best things in life can't be explained, they can't be paid for or worked for, they can't be achieved and they don't have to be won, they can't be taken and they can't be received. Making love with your Twin Soul is pure magic, it "just is" and it is the most sacred, most holy and most selfless act you can do for humanity - PROVIDED you do it with the one beloved Twin Soul.

So back to virginity and sleeping with people for the "wrong" reasons. The reason the bible talks about virginity is not because "God" is an evil entity that wants us to practice celebacy or refrain from recharging our batteries. On the contrary. We must recharge our batteries but consider this:

A tripple AAA battery gets hooked up with a double AA battery and we're trying to charge this piece of equipment. It simply won't work. What oscillates between the two batteries is different from each other. The piece of equipment won't get recharged and might perhaps even get destroyed, and the batteries will get drained nonetheless, having achieved absolutely nothing.

The same thing happens with two people that have no business of being together, neither physically nor in life. What oscillates in our very veins is life blood, or pure light source energy. Your frequency and vibration is completley different from mine. Finding your other half will reunite you with your own lifeblood and equal energy. Being with the wrong partner drains not only at least one of the partners, it will destroy, postpone and delay what you've come to this planet to do. Making love provides a few moments of time in space where time and space literally disappear. It's called the zero point where pure suspension from existence reign. It's the moment in time you feel like you're the other person, the other person is you, your bodies are one, you have no idea where his body starts and your ends, you don't know what time it is, if you're alive or dead, you don't even know what the difference is between life and death and you realize there is no difference, no separation. You are in absolute bliss.

You can only achieve this state of bliss with a true soul mate or Twin Soul.

Everything else is pure lust (and thus destructive, no matter how good it feels temporarily).

Let's look at the realistic and uncomfortable fact that many men like young women, preferrably virgins. Why is this so? Think about it. Virgins have an aura that is pure, untouched and untainted by other people's energy. Their clean and pure auric field promises these men to "take them home" to this blissful state. The "garbage," or shall I say baggage, and tainted negative energy of other men has not yet negatively colored these girls (yet).

On the other hand, take a prostitute. Many men refuse to be with a prostitute for this same reason. She's been tainted and used and possibly abused by the energy of so many men, many of whom are only interested in "busting a nut" or seeking relief for their stress levels. It's a most selfish act to say the least, and a most self-destructive one as well. A clean, strong and ethical and self secure man will abstain under any cost to be merged with someone of that type of auric field because he knows that merging with such a "battery" his own battery will not get recharged, it will get drained, which will cost him dearly in many other ways related to character.

So what if she's only giving you a blow job, you may wonder? It doesn't matter what the act is. Don't try to come up with every excuse you can think of to justify lust. Call it what it is. You are in a person's auric field the moment you lock eyes with them or stand close to them. You don't even have to touch them and you're energies merge. Intercourse certainly is like multiplying that energetic charge, it's like going 200 miles an hour, rather than just having started the car. Both, however, are acts of energy-exchanges.

Next time you think about making love with someone, make sure the person is your Twin Soul. If not, find ways to transmute your desire into your soon-to-arrive Twin Soul through meditation and allowing your flow of energy to go elsewhere, perhaps a good cause, exercise, writing, whatever allows you to recharge your battery in other, non-sexual ways.

Keep yourself pure, hold yourself in sacredness and holiness, because you deserve to be "clean" and prepared and untainted for the "one and only."


stradasphere said...

I just wanted you to know this post drastically changed my viewpoint on meeting an old friend soon! I am, again!, grateful that you are in my world.

tinks29tinks13 said...

Fantastic! My emotions have been all over the place with my twin soul. I read your piece about pure bliss and having experienced exactly that,I now know its the truth.

Anonymous said...

The battery analogy is wrong, the aaa and aa battery produce the same current, only the size is differant. Your blog seeks only to reinforce your viewpoint...the truth remains beyond your grasp.

Anonymous said...

great article very true .

king411 said...
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Anonymous said...

why the flying fuck do you have pictures of naked people making love? are you trying to tempt those who check out your website? stop trying to preach to the choir and go and fuck yourself! when people have sexual exchange their energies clear themselves out after 2-3 weeks. there are plenty of other spiritual folk who write articles more accurate than yours about what really goes on before and after sexual exchange, and 'm willing to post them.

Anonymous said...

What's strange is I don't know how but I have known this since my childhood.With time I have grown up and I don't know who in me had told me all this and now I read this blog and smile at every point,as someone had told me this before,the someone was me,I don't know how.I have felt the connection with her since I was born,I have not seen her but I know her.I don't know,I can't explain,but I don't like people touching me,hugging me or more,I feel my soul shrinking,only she can make my soul dance and expand.I am a virgin not because I couldn't get laid,but bonding with someone other than her is like a painful death for me,my soul will cry then.I just can't share this with anyone around me.They call me strange,but this isn't in my control.Thanks!!
God bless you!!


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