Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are You Ready For True Love?

"No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish." Napoleon Hill

And I am going to peel the layers back a little more and take it a step deeper. If you know something beyond a doubt in your mind, belief is no longer needed...and is overcome by a knowingness that can only be described as divine. It's like tapping into the superconscious computer system of our divine headquarters. You know it with every fiber, molecule and atom of your Being.

I have surpassed the belief that my Beloved is searching for me as much as I am searching for you, I KNOW it. There is a deep knowledge that what is mine cannot be taken away from me, and what is yours cannot be taken away from you either. Thus I am at peace knowing that it is not a matter of "if" he will find me, it is only a matter of time until he is here in his physical appearance. Or perhaps he's already here and we simply haven't stepped up to the plate as of yet...
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Great article: The 7 Highly Effective Habits of Chronically SINGLE Women,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When You Want to Hate...But You Just Can't...

Have you ever gone through such an ordeal by the hand of another that the "logical" next step would be to simply hate them? Perhaps you even want to take revenge on them and "show them" how it feels to hurt equally as much?

Taking revenge or hating someone has yet to bring peace or love back into your life or anyone else's for that matter...

There was a man in my life, you know who you are, who disguised himself as the love of my life and boy did it look just like that! And yet in the end he took off his sheep's clothing and turned out to be a merciless monster. I have walked through hell many times in my life time, and yet this was like no other hell. This was different because he created the garden of Eden for us but when he removed the veil it turned out to be pure hell.

How can anyone be so cruel, so relentless and wanting to hurt someone so badly?

And how is it that after all this I still can't find an inkling of hate for this person?

All I'm finding is compassion and empathy and as crazy as it may sound, I still find myself missing the good times that we did have, and we had lots of those. I miss our laughter, our giddy times, our communications, our connection most of all.

So while I am moving on in life, picking myself up by the bootstraps and dusting off my knees and extending my gratitude to the Universe for allowing me to feel and learn and grow so much, I can only hope that he will find peace in the very hell he created.

Remember that love does not come to you from your horizon, love comes from within you and spreads out beyond your horizon.

Love starts with you - right now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Best Matching System Yet - I Promise

I have some exciting news to share with you. I discovered a relationship matching tool that actually WORKS. No kidding around. I was skeptical myself at first and thought what you're probably thinking this very second.

"Please, NOT another profiling system with an endless series of questions to answer"
The difference is MatchMatrix DOES NOT search out relationship compatibility based on common interests. It uses a radical approach that has been in development for the last 30 years. NOW, it's ready to be released and you can be among the first to experience the benefits.
It was just yesterday that my friend Frank Seifert, founder of MatchMatrix, took me through the surprisingly simple steps.

Actually, it's just one step, takes 60 seconds at the most. You can see for yourself because Frank has arranged for you to receive the same as I... at NO COST to you btw. This is a free gift that will provide you insight into why your past or present relationships didn't or currently aren't working.

It's a new approach to an age old problem and I highly recommend you give it a shot. No strings attached whatsoever. At the very least you walk away with a better understanding of the type of people you can build a happy and long-lasting relationship with.

You know that click that goes off in your head when something complicated becomes clear. This is how I felt after learning the MatchMatrix system.

You be the judge, try it for yourself by visiting...

All the best,


P.S. I believe in the MatchMatrix system and fully intend to use it in my every day life. I would love to hear what your thoughts are after you learn more about it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's Messages about Faith and Passion

As I was having a telephone conversation with a friend this morning we both realized that we were powerful and successful women and yet, both in our 40s, we too are at a place in life where we ask ourselves "what's next?" It's not that we're bored, on the contrary, we have so many talents, dreams and capabilities that we feel flooded with ideas that we want to bring to the world. The question is, where to start?

Do you ever feel like you have so much to offer, that if each of your ideas were a tree that you could plant an entire forest in no time?

After I hung up the phone I played with my "cards" and asked the "other side" to help with some direction. Here is what I picked:

"Expect a Miracle. Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Faith is the light that illuminates your pathway. Without faith, the future looks very frightening. That's why it's essential for you to take whatever steps are necessary to keep your mind and heart filled with faith. Please don't give up hope on yourself or other people. Keep the candle of faith burning within your soul, as that one small inkling of hope can eradicate the darkness of despair. Be the light that eliminates someone else's gloomy hopelessness as well. For as you make others stronger, it strengthens not only yourself but the entire world."

The second message I received was about passion:

"Trust and follow your renewed passion in your life and career. Playing it safe can lead to staleness and depression. You've asked for more happiness and definite direction. I've lit the flame of passion in your heart to lead and guide you. It's safe for you to take risks and follow your heart's desire. Ask me to be your partner along your path of passion, to guide and nurture you. When you feel a strong knowingness, alongside a burning passion, pay attention, as this is my way of giving you information about your next step."

I hope this encourages you to have faith and back up this faith by the steps you take. After all, faith without deeds is dead. And remember that love doesn't come to you from your horizon, but spreads out from within you to the horizons and far beyond!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Journey called Life

I had walked this path so many times, and have learned so much along the way, yet never was I open to receiving as many blessings as I did this last time I walked this path. Nature is one of my greatest teachers, always has been, and I hope that you can grow and feeling blessings through my eyes and my sharing.
I parked my car where I always park it, along Indian Valley, where I realized lesson 1: whatever grounds I'm about to walk on is indeed filled with wisdom, age old sage energy and sacredness.

This time, however, my car was the only one there; it must have been because it was raining; when I realized lesson 2: when it's "ugly" outside people don't want to come out.
I got out of the car and stepped onto the gravel road when the most amazing smells hit my nose and my entire being. I was overwhelmed with smells of rain, various kinds of trees, horses, flowers, and all kinds of other smells, when I realized lesson 3: when it gets "ugly" is when our senses are especially receptive to our surroundings (provided we have the courage to open our eyes and are willing to "get wet").

Feeling especially blessed being on my hike alone and in solitude I realized lesson 4: it's good to be out in solitude and alone to soak in all Mother Nature has to offer.

As I came up to the first fork in the road I realized that I had a choice to take the first right or I could walk on a little and take the second right. Both paths eventually connected and looped around to come down to the main path where I was standing. The major difference was that the first path would go up a very steep hill that most people avoid. Taking the second path up the hill would offer me a longer trip up hill but not even remotely as steep. However, because the two paths connect I would then have to come down this very steep hill. I had a choice to make, which is when I learned lesson 5: all paths in life are just detours and will eventually lead us back to our main path. And lesson 6 was right around the corner: if we knew how steep our detour paths were, would we still take them? Which one would I take, the steep one or the longer but less steep one?
I decided to take the steep one. I wanted to feel my heart pump today and I knew that if there was anyone else out today in this rain, I would certainly not encounter anyone on this steep path. I longed for solitude!

The path is steep and windy and my heart is pumping and my lungs are burning. Every bend leaves hope to be the last turn before the path has got to flatten out (please!). And so I learned lesson 7: just because your path seems too steep, too burdensome, too lonely, and getting you out of breath too fast, doesn't mean you should stop and turn around when the going gets tough. Hang in there, even if the path around the bend doesn't flatten out right away.

At one point the path had gotten so steep that too much rain had carried away good chunks of the road and it was easy to visualize how gushing water took loads of dirt with it downhill. And I learned lesson 8: your path can be forever marked with ridges by the gunk that comes washing down towards us. Don't give up, keep going.

Finally I arrive at the top of the ridge where the path flattens out and I learn lesson 9: it's good to feel my body and heart pumping and my being so alive, I made it to the top! It's time for just a little reflection.

I look around and suddenly see the most amazing gifts. Lesson 10: When the going gets tough don't stop; stop when you've arrived at the top, to take a breather, to take inventory, to enjoy your success!
Lesson 11 was here as well: what gorgeous views when you've hiked a mountain that took your breath away. What beautiful life up here that remains untouched and yet Mother Nature feverishly works with all she has to bring balance to her backyard.

I continue walking on level ground surely expecting the path to go downhill soon. But oh not so fast - another hill ahead of me. And I learn lesson 12: just when you think you've made it to the top and it surely must get easier now is when life throws you one last hike up hill. Go for it, don't get frustrated.
As I continue walking up the hill I count my blessings and look forward to making my final ascent. And when I get there the path narrows and suddenly a puddle covers the entire path. And I learn lesson 13: Just because you're on the top doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing. You have a choice to walk through puddles, go around them or hop over them (or you could return down the hill because you're too scared to get dirty).

Finally arriving at the top I find a post with a sign that says: "Restoration Area - Please keep out." And I realize lesson 14: When you're exhausted do give yourself rest and "keep out" from areas in your soul that need rejuvenating, restoration and rest. Do not force yourself to do anything that doesn't feel right. Give yourself a chance to grow.
On my path down the mountain the path becomes windy and narrow with many rocks, bolders and trees roots blocking a smooth path. And I learn lesson 15: Just because you think you're on an easier path now doesn't mean you don't have to watch where you're going. Road blocks and obstacles will accompany going both up and down hill.

I stop next to a beautiful Manzanita tree and realize that it's skin was peeling and I learn lesson 16: Not only snakes shed their skin, even trees shed their skin; so what makes me think that I don't need to transform and shed "old skin" too?

I come around a bend and realize that a small bridge had been built to get over the creek that flows underneath it. And I learn lesson 17: Even if you're on an easy path sometimes your path gets blocked by another force wanting to block your downward road. Build a bridge and continue on your own path, don't get side tracked and don't let yourself get turned around or pushed off your path.

A little ways down I realize that park rangers had come in to fix a section of the path by inserting small tree trunks every few yards to keep the path from flooding downhill during a storm. They filled the section between the trunks with new dirty that now was wet and heavy from the rain. As I walked over the dirt the mud stuck to my shoes making it very difficult to walk because my feet became so heavy. Not only was the mud full of clay, but it was also slippery (see the clay on my shoes in the picture?). And I learned lesson 18: Just because someone rebuilds a path to make it easier doesn't mean it will be easier for you to walk your path. Circumstances (in this case the rain) may make it more difficult, and that's okay. Keep on walking!

I come around the next turn and realize that the most beautiful little creek was directly crossing the path. And I learned lesson 19: I could walk through the water and get my feet wet, I could try to hop over the stones or take a huge leap trying to avoid the water. Or I could do what I opted to do; bend down and stick my hand in the water while saying a prayer for the water to carry my unconditional love to the rest of the planet. Surely all rivers flow into the sea and then back to the mountain tops, and so my prayer would certainly affect all beings. So when you're feeling down, say a prayer for others and ask it to be returned to you a thousand fold. It felt blissful to feel the water rush around my fingers - what joy!

And just as I hop over the rocks I hear an intense buzzing sound up above me. Looking up I see a hole inside a tree about 5 yards above me, and hundreds of buzzing yellow jackets surrounding the hole. And I learned lesson 20: Just because I'm the only human being in the forest doesn't mean life isn't everwhere - we just tend to miss it and think we're the only ones when we keep ourselves from enjoying all life everywhere.

I say a prayer of gratitude for the buzzing sound they make and for getting my attention in this way and walk on.

As I walk down the hill I see all kinds of gifts, dead trees that broke off during a storm that now seem to grow branches and leafs again. Broken down trunks that are full of fungus featuring all kinds of different colors and serving as food for insects and life everywhere. Simply beautiful. And I learn lesson 21: Art doesn't have to be hung in my living room as a permanent fixture, nature features art that is most colorful, moving and passing, inspiring and yet never dull or boring.
And even further down I see these two trees that seem to lean to the side at similar angles. It's as if they're a couple and they hold each other's space by pointing in the right direction while staying close. And I learn lesson 22: it's okay not to stand erect at all times, someone will lean with you when you don't have the strength to stand up straight.

Moving down the path even more I come to a part of the path where the path becomes about one foot wide, and on top comes this massive tree root and right behind it is this newly "planted" pile of horse manure and I learn lesson 23: not only can your path feel tight so you need to lift up your feet to move forward, but someone may put some "shit" in your path that you don't like. Hop across and move on anyway.

And just when I feel like life's lesson must come to an end for this journey Life suprises me with the most peculiar tree trunk I had seen. It was as if the tree had been blasted with bullets and the trunk seemed to have these large "holes." And I learned lesson 24: even trees get wounds and they too know how to heal themselves, slowly and over time. Don't rush your healing process, allow yourself to heal and move on, trusting that Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

As I come back to the main trail I start heading back towards my car when I am blessed with even more lessons. I see footsteps of various kinds. First I see fresh horse shoes, then I see a dog's paw print, then I see a print from a bicycle tire and of course hiking shoes. And I learn another lesson, 25: I don't live on this planet alone and there are many creature walking my path with me...
Almost at the end of my path I see some commotion ahead of me and what looks like a bunch of birds turn out to be three squirrels having fun chasing each other and having fun eating nuts. I was sure that they would run up the tree as soon as I approached but life gave me an opportunity to be less than 3 yards away from them and I learned my final lesson 26: have fun, chase each other and let yourself be chased once in a while, eat good and let others get close to you, no matter how different they are than you...

With much love for your journeys all wonderful souls out there!
Note: The pictures on this post are from my actual hike taken that day.