Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goddess Guinevere - True Love

Hi Everyone, it's been a while since I've been posting here. I haven't gone anywhere, at least not's good to be back and post new lessons learned so you too can be nourished and grow.
I have for a long time already been holding "gatherings" each morning and before I retire each night. One of these "games" I play with our loving goddessess surrounding us at all times. Today's message comes from Guinevere. No one knows better how to deliver messages in our plain English language than Doreen Virtue. Here is Guinevere's message:

True Love:

"The romantic stirring in your heart have propelled the universe to deliver great love to you."

Meaning of this message: Your soulmate relationship is soon arriving...
The universe knows how ready I am!
What touched me and brought me to tears is Guinevere's story. This Celtic triple goddess has anciet roots preceding Arthurian times, when she was known as Gwenhwyfar. In her original form, her name meant "White One" or "White Phantom," and she was a powerful goddess invoked for both fertility and as a bridge to take the dead to the afterlife plane. During the times of Avalong, Glastonbury, and King Arthur, she became Guinevere. To become king, Arthur had to merge with, or marry, Gwenhwyfar, the goddess who ruled over the land. And so Gwenhwyfar became the astonishingly beauitful Guinevere, the queen bridge of the new King Arthur. Legend holds that her heart really belongd to Arthur's cousin, Lancelot, however, Today, she helps us ensure that we enter into partnership with our true love, and she assists in keeping that love alive.

The pictures here are samples of Guinevere with King Arthur and her with her love, Lancelot.
Think of Guinevere's sacrifice to have lived with a man she didn't love, King Arthur, while having to hold her love for her beloved Lancelot. Perhaps she did this for the greater good of the land and its people. In either case, think of the ultimate sacrifice she made: to become the goddess protecting each of our "halves" so only two twin souls can be reunited with each other (if they choose so). So no one has to "settle" for anyone "less than" our true love.
What ultimate sacrifice!
What I learned is that I have not only my ancestors, angels, fairies and others are here to help me (and you) along this journey of love, we also have powerful gods and goddesses who have died for this very cause and are forever roaming eternity paving our paths to help us reunite with true love.
Don't settle - hold out and work on yourself so you're truly READY for your beloved.
May God speed your paths...

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